Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I've been traveling too fast lately

As it turns out, the BMW is too big and too fast for what I really wanted to use it for. It's great on the road, but I want something for slow, off-road exploring.

I've found this Yamaha TW200. It costs less than half as much as the F650GS Dakar and was purchased yesterday new from the dealer. Notice the fat wheels; they make for a much more sure-footed off-road ride. Since this is a 200cc machine with about 16 horsepower, it's much less powerful than the 50 horsepower BMW. Also, and not insignificantly, the TW200 weighs over 150 pounds less than the BMW when fully tanked up.

Now I'm ready to go exploring all the places the BMW is unable to comfortably get to.