Friday, March 13, 2009

Took the Long Way To Work

I took the long way to work this morning, with a little swing out on the farmland flats to the west of town.

I've been commuting on the new F800GS pretty frequently since it's purchase last November. Only when the roads are iced up do I drive the car. I've been surprised at how little the temperature bothers me; I rode in one morning and noticed that the temperature was 7.7° at one point. I was glad my commute is only 20 miles that morning, though.

Today it was a balmy 27° and felt fine. It sure was nice to enjoy the early morning farm roads.

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irondad said...

Early mornings are awesome, for sure. I spent a bit of time on the single cylinder 650. It felt sort of like a tractor engine under me. How is the twin for smooth?

Anything you especially love? Or not?