Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where to Ride

I got up early today and headed to the local Chevron station for my weekly fuel stop before the rest of the family got out of bed. I was hoping to beat the predicted rain, but didn't make it--down the water came. Luckily, I was wearing my fine Olympia Motor Sports AST jacket; it didn't leak a drop all morning even though I didn't have the liner in. This sure is a nice jacket. I like all the pockets and it's super-bright hi-viz yellow color. I did stop to slip a plastic bag over the GTV's leather saddle, though.

After the fill-up, I headed west to the flatland. After a short expedition to find a geocache by the entrance to a tight tunnel under the freeway, I spied a short road heading along the railroad tracks that I'd never been on. Needless to say, off I went.

I spied this old service station under the gray clouds. It's been many decades since anyone filled up with either premium oil or gas from this place, but I'm sure it was rockin' in it's day.

I headed more or less homeward after this detour, and got caught in more rain. Did I mention how much i like the AST jacket? Yea, I think I did. I suppose I'll have to do a write-up on it as well, huh?

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